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Mapping of Media Information Literacy in Jordan
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Amman | [2018] | 63 p.
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Arab States

This study has come out as results of conducting a regional mapping exercise in Jordan to identify organizations that operate in the field of MIL to:
- understand the general landscape of MIL in Jordan to pinpoint areas in which UNESCO should intervene,
- identify different stakeholders that operate in the field of MIL and understand the scope of their work in terms of activities, region and target,
- determine the areas of MIL that are considered priorities by organizations,
- identify the key skills covered by the different initiatives and the nature of these activities,
- determine the challenges organizations are facing in implementing MIL

The results of the study revealed that organizations exhibit considerable enthusiasm for the field of MIL and consider the competencies that fall within its scope as paramount in building a society that is empowered to successfully navigate the increasingly complex media sphere and use this knowledge to further contribute to the societal, cultural, educational and scientific development.


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