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Enhancing Early Childhood Education in Seychelles through Social and Emotional Learning
New Delhi, India


In an effort to enhance the quality of early childhood education in Seychelles, the Ministry of Education has embarked on a collaborative journey with UNESCO MGIEP to develop a science and evidence-based framework aimed at fostering Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) among young learners in Seychelles schools. This initiative aims to create a holistic learning environment that nurtures not only academic growth but also emotional intelligence.


Development of an Evidence-Based SEL Framework:
UNESCO MGIEP  in collaboration with the ECCE technical team, Ministry of Education in Seychelles, is actively engaged in the development of a science and evidence-based framework to promote Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) among early childhood learners. This framework will serve as a comprehensive guide for educators, detailing strategies and approaches that contribute to the cultivation of essential social and emotional skills in young students. By incorporating the latest research and educational practices, this framework will ensure that Seychelles schools provide a nurturing environment for holistic development.


Presentations on Neuroscience and SEL

To support the implementation of the SEL framework, presentations were conducted across Seychelles to educate primary teachers, teacher assistants, and parents about the role of neuroscience in building SEL skills. These presentations highlighted the connection between brain development and emotional well-being, offering insights into how educators and parents can effectively support children's emotional growth. By utilizing the knowledge gleaned from neuroscience, Seychelles aims to lay a strong foundation for SEL in its early childhood education system.


Workshops for ECCE Teachers:
In order to facilitate the successful integration of the SEL framework, workshops will be organized for ECCE teachers in schools where the framework will be piloted. These workshops will provide educators with practical tools, teaching methodologies, and classroom strategies to effectively foster social and emotional skills in their students. The hands-on nature of these workshops will equip teachers with the skills necessary to create an inclusive and emotionally supportive learning environment.


Collaboration with Ministry of Education (MOE) Officials:
In addition to the educational initiatives, collaboration with Ministry of Education (MOE) officials will play a crucial role in leveraging UNESCO MGIEP expertise for teacher training and action research in Seychelles. Through dialogues and meetings, common areas of interest will be identified to further enhance teacher development and educational research in the country. This collaborative approach ensures that Seychelles remains aligned with international educational standards and best practices.


The efforts of the Ministry of Education and the ECCE technical team in Seychelles to cultivate Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) at the early childhood level signify a commitment to holistic education. By developing a science and evidence-based framework, conducting informative presentations, facilitating workshops, and engaging in collaborative discussions, Seychelles aims to enhance the overall quality of education and emotional well-being of its young learners. This initiative not only adheres to UNESCO MGIEP but also underscores Seychelles' dedication to providing a nurturing and comprehensive educational experience for its future generations.