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The Level of Employment of a Reverse Education Strategy for the Basic Stage in the Directorate of Education for the Ain Al-Basha District in Light of the Corona Pandemic from the Point of View of its Supervisors & Its Relationship to Some Variables
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الأردن | 2022 | 34 ص.
Mervat Shehadeh
États Arabes

This study aims to identify the level of employment of the Reverse education strategy for primary school teachers in light of the Corona pandemic during the year 2021, from the point of view of educational supervisors in the Directorate of Education of the Ain Al-Basha Brigade.
The study followed the social survey method. Where the field of study consisted of (25) educational supervisors, a standardized questionnaire was distributed to all of them, and the study concluded that the level of employing the Reverse learning strategy was average, the study also concluded that there are no differences at the level of significance (α≤ 0.05) with regard to the variables (Gender, practical experience), and the study recommends the need to intensify research related to the issue of the Reverse education strategy, especially in light of the Corona pandemic, as it was found that there are few researches in the field of educational supervision.

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Enseignement et formation techniques et professionnels (EFTP)
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Reverse education
Corona pandemic
Educational supervisors
The basic stage
Ain Al-Basha Distric