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ESD Implementation in Learning Cities
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Hamburg | 2021 | 52 p.
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UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL)
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This publication aims to share the best practice cases from nine cities on ESD implementation (policy and practice) following a lifelong learning approach. These cases showcase innovative local initiatives that have embedded ESD into lifelong learning systems through policy/ strategy development or project implementation, focusing on the following priority areas of action and local activities laid down in the ESD for 2030 roadmap:

  1. Local policy/strategy development on ESD: The development of an action plan that determines how the community as a whole can become a learning laboratory for sustainable development.
  2. Capacity-building for educators and local authorities: Lifelong learning initiatives for systematic and comprehensive ESD capacity development for educators in the formal and non-formal education sectors, and for local government officials.
  3. Efforts to foster engagement with local communities, including: • formal education institutions’ engagement with local communities for the promotion of ESD; • non-formal education institutions (e.g. community learning centres) serving as a hub for lifelong learning on ESD in their communities.
  4. Empowerment and mobilization of youth: Lifelong learning initiatives for ESD that focus on young people.
  5. Innovative use of local spaces for ESD: Designated areas or spaces that inspire learning and host projects that promote sustainability. In addition to the five priority areas listed above, the case studies share one cross-cutting theme: • Multi-stakeholder approach: How people from different walks of life or professional sectors come together to contribute to local ESD initiatives at either the policy or the project level.


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