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Build Forward Better: How the Global Community Must Act Now to Secure Children’s Learning in Crises
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London | 2021 | 69 p.
Emma Wagner
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Save the Children
© Save the Children 2021

‘Build back better’ has long been a rallying cry of crisis responses – and is being used frequently today. However, given the scale of the global learning crisis even before the Covid-19 pandemic – with one child in six denied their right to education – it’s vital we don’t limit our ambition to building ‘back’ to how things were. Now it’s imperative we build forward better – and differently.

There’s no denying the scale of the challenge. But there’s also cause for hope. The global reach of the Covid-19 crisis has generated a shared understanding of the impact of crisis on children’s right to education. This understanding can be used to build forward better – and radically transform children’s chances.

Build Forward Better presents new analysis on which countries’ school systems are most vulnerable to existing risks and future crises. And it sets out what the global community needs to do to support ministries of education in those countries to prepare now. So that, even during emergencies, education systems can provide all children with good-quality, safe and inclusive opportunities to learn.


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Global education; Global citizenship; Children’s rights; COVID-19; Pandemic; Education in emergencies