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The Role of Family Factors in the Student's Perception of His Professional Project
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Algeria | 2023 | 359-372 p.
Abish Samir,Boukhalfa Rafiqa
Arab States

The professional project or career of the future represents the main challenge that occupies the perception of the university student today, since he was a student, since his university specialization is mostly a product of the perception that he developed during the years preceding the university, especially during the school guidance stage. The student is more educated in recent years in which a suitable opportunity for work is required, which requires great planning and direction. However, this perception of the student's future for his career contributes to the formation of many factors, perhaps the most important family factors that play an important role if not critical Sometimes, in some cases, where the professional perception that the student puts on his or her future career project is only an explicit reflection of the role of these factors. This role is evident in the form of direct influence during the process of directing the students and their selection to the school people they will continue their studies through. Which determines the general course of the student's professional orientation and depends on his professional project.

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