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Teachers' Attitudes Towards Integrating People with Special Needs with Ordinary Students (Psychological Science; issue 27)
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Beghdad | 2018 | p. 165-202
ISSN 1816-1970
Ahmed Ismail
Corporate author: 
Ministry of higher education and scientific research
Arab States
© MHESR 2018

The study aimed to know the attitudes and opinions of primary school teachers about the integration of children with special needs in primary schools in the Baghdad Education Directorate - Karkh/2. The study sample consisted of (100) male and female teachers. The study used the questionnaire tool, which included (30) items. In terms of the first objective, which is teachers' attitudes towards integrating people with special needs in regular schools, the study concluded that teachers had attitudes towards inclusion, and it also showed the significance of differences in teachers' attitudes toward inclusion according to gender variables (males, females) and years of service (15), One year and less) and (16 years and over). Also, it indicated that there are differences due to female gender in the trend towards integration.

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Research papers / journal articles
Diversity / cultural literacy / inclusive
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Higher education