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Transforming Education Summit 2022: Futures of Education Briefing Notes
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Paris | 2022 | 17 p.
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National consultations that aim at developing a shared vision, commitment, and alignment of action across constituencies are one of the key TES workstreams. The Reimagining our futures together report is proposed as a framework for examining how education systems need to change to better serve learners and societies into the future.

A series of briefing notes have been prepared in alignment with the summit's five action tracks:

o Inclusive, equitable, safe and healthy schools
o Learning and skills for life, work and sustainable development
o Teachers, teaching and the teaching profession
o Digital learning and transformation
o Financing of education



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Conference and programme reports
Globalisation and social justice / International understanding
Diversity / cultural literacy / inclusive
Sustainable development / sustainability
Transformative initiatives / Transformative pedagogies
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Primary education
Secondary education
Higher education