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Institutional practices of implementing lifelong learning in higher education: research report
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Hamburg; Shanghai | 2023 | 67 p.
ISBN 978-92-820-1255-0 (eng)
ISBN 978-92-820-5006-4 (chi)
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UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning; Shanghai Open University
© UNESCO and Shanghai Open University 2923

In many countries, higher education is gaining prominence as a means for the general population to engage in lifelong learning (LLL), whether for personal or professional development, or to participate in broader societal change. In some cases, national governments have introduced policies or funding instruments that create incentives for higher education institutions (HEIs) to align their offerings more closely with changing labour market demands and societal needs, and to expand access for groups previously underrepresented in higher education. Key trends in the higher education sector and the associated global socio-economic transformations were discussed in detail in the international survey report, which was published as part of the research project on the contribution of higher education institutions to LLL (UIL and SOU, 2023). This case study report moves from an international overview of the policies, structures and mechanisms that support LLL in higher education to the close study of institutional practices. It explores the interrelations between national policy environments and institutional strategies. It examines different approaches taken by universities to develop, implement and monitor LLL activities, and further provides practical examples of how universities engage with diverse groups of learners through their LLL mission. As such, this report’s value lies in offering both general insights into the implementation of LLL in HEIs, and case-specific descriptions and analyses of institutional policies and practices.

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Research papers / journal articles
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