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Human Rights Between The Realities of International Human Rights Law and Islamic Perception (An Analytical Comparative Study Between Islamic Law And the Law)
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الجزائر | 2022 | 1710-1725 p.
2507 -7295
Abderachid Abdelhafid, Hafeda Mebarek
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Emir Abdelkader University
Estados Árabes

Human rights are the basis of freedom, justice and peace. They consist of all the fundamental freedoms that have been established for human beings since their inception. They are inherent in human beings. No one shall violate them, on any account, and all human beings shall be equal, within the framework of justice and equality, that is, every human being shall be born free and equal to other individuals in terms of the dignity and rights proclaimed by international human rights law.
The subject of human rights has received the attention of scholars, law and politics through numerous research and studies on human rights and their protection mechanisms, with a view to achieving public interest and international security and stability.
Human rights also have a significant impact on the formation and functioning of modern regimes of international governance, as well as on the political, social and economic relations between the States that make up the international community.
Through this research, we will try to highlight the reality of human rights through international law and Islamic law.

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Derechos humanos
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Educación Permanente
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human rights
International human rights
Islamic perception
the reality of human rights