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Journal of evaluation for teachers and managers: The pending agenda of bilingual intercultural education in Mexico
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Ciudad de México, México | 2019 | 102 p.
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Латинская Америка и Карибский бассейн

This journal addresses an outstanding concern within the Mexican state: indigenous, intercultural, and bilingual education in our nation. It delves into the pedagogy of history at the elementary and secondary levels, along with an exploration of the internet's resources for stimulating student interest in this subject, as presented in our inaugural issue of 2019. Equally noteworthy are inquiries into teacher professionalization and insights shared by several educators on this subject. In the direct discourse titled "From Educator to Educator," Ms. Tsut Tsuy Tamayo also imparts her experiences in the realm of mathematics education. Additionally, this issue includes substantial statistics from the PLANEA assessment, an investigative report on parental involvement in their children's academic pursuits, and an extensive evaluation course tailored for educators, elucidated through an interview with Bernardo Naranjo, a counselor at the National Institute for the Evaluation of Education (INEE).

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Исследовательские работы / журнальные статьи
Разнообразие / культурная грамотность / никлюзивность
Трансформативные инициативы / трансформационная педагогика
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intercultural education
bilingual education