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International Women’s Day: A Teaching Resource for Ages 9-14
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[Oxford] | 2022 | 19 p.
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Oxfam GB
Europa y América del Norte
© Oxfam GB 2022

This teaching resource could be used on International Women's Day or on any day of the year, to introduce issues related to gender equality, support critical thinking, and encourage young people to consider possible action they might like to take in response. These cross-curricular activities are designed to be flexible and easily adapted for use in an assembly, form time or to support more in-depth classroom learning. Depending on the availability of time and other learning taking place, the activities could be taught sequentially over a series of lessons or selected and delivered as standalone sessions. The suggested age range is 9-14 but some of the activities could be adapted to suit the needs of younger and older learners. Depending on learners’ age and the context, teachers may also wish to acknowledge and discuss inequality issues connected to LGBT+.

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Planes de estudios, material didáctico y guías
Derechos humanos
Globalización y justicia social / Entendimiento internacional
Diversidad / alfabetización cultural / inclusiva
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Educación Primaria
Educación Secundaria