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The Intersection and Division between Ideological and Political Education and Civic Education: Starting from the question of the Jewish Question (Journal of North Minzu University; No. 2)
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Yinchuan | 2020 | p. 170-176
ISSN 1674-6627
Liu Yan
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North Minzu University
Арабские государства
Азия и Тихий океан
© 刘妍 2020

Based on the analysis of Marx’s critique of western citizenship contained in On the Jewish Question, ideological and political education and citizenship education have overlaps and divergences in three aspects, core content, basic attributes and value orientation:the difference between actual and expected of citizenship, the difference between the unity and fragmentation of political personality and social personality, the difference between the authenticity and contradiction of patriotism education and the cultivation of international vision. Compared with civic education, ideological and political education does not have any regrets, but has characteristics and advantages that civic education does not have.


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