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Responding to Covid-19: Online Classes in Korea - A Challenge Toward the Future of Education
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Sejong | 2020 | 22 p.
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Ministry of Education
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Korea is effectively responding to the outbreak of COVID-19 by adopting a whole-of-government approach, under the leadership of the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters to prevent and contain the pandemic with the principle of “openness, transparency and democratic process.” The nationwide introduction of the online classes to respond to COVID-19 was a huge challenge and a path that we have never trodden before. The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Korea introduced Korean education with the world in response to COVID-19 and shared experiences and challenges of distance learning and online education. COVID-19 is a universal challenge which requires joint response, and the global community should be committed to strong solidarity and close cooperation to overcome this crisis and take a leap forward to a brighter future.


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Online school; Online education; Distance learning; Online learning platforms; Covid-19 response; Covid-19; Pandemic