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Global Citizenship Education (GCE) for Unknown Futures: Mapping Past and Current Experiments and Debates
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Helsinki | 2019 | 29 p.
Rene Suša
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Bridge 47
Европа и Северная Америка

This Bridge 47-commissioned report by Rene Suša provides a thorough overview of current debates and opportunities within the field of Global Citizenship Education (GCE). The report addresses the following questions: 1) What is the benefit of GCE to our societies? 2) What is the impact of GCE to our societies? and 3) Why do we believe that GCE is the answer to global challenges?
The publication also maps GCE-related or GCE-inspired initiatives, projects and partnerships, and offers key findings from a comparative study of these cases. Additionally, Susa also further builds on the recent work of Vanessa Andreotti by elucidating her taxonomy of soft, radical and beyond reform spaces for GCE, as well as relates these to current (international) policy developments in the field.


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Global citizenship education; Global education; Critical GCE; GCED
Global citizenship education for unknown futures; Mapping past and current experiments and debates