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An Introduction to Linguistic Pluralism towards a Comprehensive Conception of The Term and Concept
Место публикации | Год издания | Компиляция: 
الجزائر | 2017 | 7 ص.
Hanan Awareeb
Совместное авторство: 
The Linguistic and Literary Heritage Laboratory in Southeast Algeria
Арабские государства

This research paper aims to adjust the term multilingualism in terms of terminology and function, as well as to clarify its relationship with other terms that overlap with it in the same context; As the term plurality, variance and diversity, different viewpoints of specialists in sociolinguistics are covered.

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Исследовательские работы / журнальные статьи
Разнообразие / культурная грамотность / никлюзивность
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Высшее образование
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التعددية اللغوية