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Recorridos nacionales rumbo a la educación para el desarrollo sostenible, 2011: análisis de las experiencias de los países Chile, Indonesia, Kenya, Omán, Países Bajos
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Paris | 2011 | 148p
ISBN 978-92-3-304196-7
I. Mulà; Daniella Tilbury
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América Latina y el Caribe
Asia y el Pacífico
Europa y América del Norte
Estados Árabes

This publication has sourced information from a series of national reviews commissioned by UNESCO in 2010 and written by authoritative stakeholders in Chile, Indonesia, Kenya, the Netherlands and Oman. The selection of countries was based on: i) work showcased at the 2009 World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development held in Bonn, Germany; ii) submissions to the monitoring and evaluation process for the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (DESD); as well as iii) through evaluation material submitted by UNESCO staff in regional bureaux of education. The countries showcased in this report are not necessarily the ‘best’ examples of the region, as many other countries are also progressing effectively towards implementing ESD. Rather, the countries selected illustrate the wide diversity of ESD approaches and initiatives taking place in different parts of the learnt world. The national studies were then edited and harmonized before common themes and lessons learned were identified to support other national efforts in moving towards the second half of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development.

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Documentos de investigación / artículos de revistas
Desarrollo sostenible / sostenibilidad
Iniciativas transformadoras / pedagogías transformadoras
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education for sustainable development
case studies
transformative pedagogies