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Reporte: Educación y habilidades para el siglo XXI; Reunión Regional de Ministros de Educación de América Latina y el Caribe, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 24 y 25 de enero 2017
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Santiago de Chile | 2017 | 27 p.
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United Nations Educational and the Regional Office for Education in Latin America; UNESCO Office in Santiago de Chile
América Latina y el Caribe

This report provides a systematization of the discussions at the Regional Meeting of Ministers of Education of Latin America and the Caribbean “E2030: Education and skills for the 21st century” held 24‐25 January 2017 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  

The objectives of the meeting were to: • adopt a Ministerial Declaration on a joint approach to achieve the SDG4-E2030 Agenda in the region, including means of implementation, technical instruments of support and follow-up mechanisms. • agree on a roadmap for the implementation of E2030, including a contextualized followup mechanism that responds to the region’s educational challenges and expectations.

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Informes de conferencias y programas
Diversidad / alfabetización cultural / inclusiva
Desarrollo sostenible / sostenibilidad
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teacher education
educational quality
education for sustainable development
inclusive education