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Research on National Education Strategies From the Perspective of Multi-Ethnic National Identity Construction (Heilongjiang National Series; No.1)
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Harbin | 2019 | p. 16-21
ISSN 1004-4922
Du Richen; Zhang Jingyue
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Heilongjiang National Research Institute
Asia and the Pacific
© 都日晨, 张竞月 2019

Civic education is an important means to enhance national identity. The idea of modern civic education originated in the West, and after historical development, it has formed three main ideas of civic education, liberalism, communitarianism and multiculturalism. In terms of the practice of enhancing national identity through civic education, both native and immigrant ethnic groups enhance national identity through national education. As China is a multi-ethnic country, the theory and practice of foreign citizenship education have important reference and enlightenment significance for our country to enhance national identity.


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Journal articles / Periodicals
Civic / Citizenship / Democracy
Cultural literacy / Intercultural / Cross-cultural / Multi-cultural
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Primary education
Secondary education
Higher education


National Identity; National Education; Enlightenment