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Education, Citizenship and National Integration
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القاهرة | 2014 | 34 p.
Radwa Ammar
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Social Contract Center
Estados Árabes

This research paper is an introduction that explains the role of citizenship education as a basis for building a cohesive society capable of facing challenges. The paper reviews various international concepts and experiences to shed light on the importance of conducting in-depth field studies to discuss the relationship between citizenship education and national integration among members of society. It also aims to identify the most important topics, and ways of offering that It is compatible with the targeted communities by these educational programs, and to develop a strategy for educational institutions in the country to adopt this type of studies.


Tipo de recurso: 
Documentos de política y estrategia
Estudios de caso y documentos de investigación
Cívico / ciudadanía / democracia
entendimiento internacional / globalización / educación internacional / interdependencia
Nivel de educación: 
Educación Permanente
Educación no formal

Palabra clave

Citizenship education; Social Integration; National Integration