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Improving Affectional Experience to Alleviate Emotional Problems with Online Learning during a Large-scale Epidemic
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Beijing | 2020 | p. 69-79
ISSN 1006-9860
Zheng Yunxiang; Zhong Jinping; Huang Liuhui; Yanghao
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China Educational Technology
Asia y el Pacífico
© 郑云翔; 钟金萍; 黄柳慧; 杨浩 2020

During the large-scale COVID-19 epidemic, abnormal distance education will have special problems such as personal isolation anxiety, cross-media discomfort anxiety, and emotional fluctuations caused by epidemic information. The study proposed “body-heart-mind” affectional experience as an improvement solution of such problems. Affectional experience can open up positive psychology, trigger moral judgment, and meet educational challenges. On this basis, the research further elaborates on the key issues that teachers need to complete at the micro level: organization of learning resources, regulation of technological processes, and design of emotional inducing. Finally, researchers advocates mental health education based on affectional experience, which can not only establish the correct values for students, but also effectively reduce the complex and arduous start-up risks after the epidemic.


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Affectional experience; Online leaning; Large-scale epidemic; Mental health education; Moral education