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An Analysis of the Cultural Position of Educational Reform in the Context of Multiculturalism
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Wuhan | 2019 | p. 146-153
ISSN 1004-0544
Xu Zusheng; Yang Zhaoshan
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Theory Monthly
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© 徐祖胜, 杨兆山, 理论月刊 2019

In the context of the multicultural era, education reforms based on the requirements of political and economic development and reform also need to pay attention to attitudes and tendencies toward different cultures. Upholding the main position of Chinese culture and properly handling relationships with Western cultures are the prerequisites for successful education reform. The cultural standpoint of China’s educational reform has undergone nearly a hundred years of historical evolution, and finally precipitated the cultural position of China’s educational reform: we must adhere to the cultural position of opening to the outside world, the cultural standpoint of Marxist guidance, and the cultural position of Chinese educational subjectivity. To establish the cultural standpoint of China’s educational reform, it is necessary to take “Ma Xue as the soul, middle school as the body and western learning as the method” as the correct path for the cultural position of China’s educational reform.


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Educational reform; Multiculturalism; Chinese education system; Western learning