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Curriculum and Training Manual: Reflection and Training in Adult Education Programs
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Irbid | 2019 | 201 p.
Hadeel Gharaiba
Corporate author: 
Child and Family Protection Association
Arab States
©  FCPA 2019

This curriculum and training manual is produced by the Training and Community Empowerment Center of the Family and Childhood Protection Association - Irbid. It was developed in cooperation with the German Association for Adult Education. It is a curriculum designed to help trainers and facilitators implement a set of exercises related to adult education programmes.
This curriculum, and this guide, is the result of diligent work aimed at enhancing the capabilities of the Community Empowerment Center and its volunteers to prepare educational and training curricula and manuals that are based on the concepts of popular education. The topics of the guide came as a result of a number of programs and trainings implemented by the German Association for Adult Education, and as a basic need for the Training and Community Empowerment Center - Irbid.

Resource Type: 
Curriculum, teaching-learning materials and guides
Diversity / cultural literacy / inclusive
Human rights
Transformative initiatives / Transformative pedagogies
Level of education: 
Lifelong learning
Non-formal education