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Participate in the citizen awareness survey on disaster preparedness

Earthquakes, floods, wildfires and other natural hazards can have disastrous effects, causing massive losses and damages all over the world. Scientists and practitioners, national authorities at all levels, non-governmental organizations and associations, UN and international organizations are working on activities and programmes aiming to prevent disasters.


However, the impact of these efforts is rather limited, if the local population is not aware of their area's environmental risks. To build a more resilient society, citizens should be part of the disaster risk management systems at local and national levels.


In line with the actions on disaster risk reduction, UNESCO strengthens the resilience of communities to withstand natural hazards and climate change impacts. UNESCO encourages the development of technological systems and devices - such as I-REACT (Improving Resilience to Emergencies through Advanced Cyber Technologies), the VISUS school safety assessment method and the educational TANAH application, and assists governments and communities in coping with natural hazards.


UNESCO along with the I-REACT project partners is launching this survey to assess the readiness of citizens around the world to cope with natural hazards.


Should you live in a region exposed to earthquake, floods, wildfires or other natural hazards, please take a few minutes to fill in this survey,  available in English, French, Spanish and Chinese.