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Youth Workshop on Social Project Planning in Almaty
Event Date: 
Thu, 2018/06/07 - Fri, 2018/06/08
Almaty, Kazakhstan

The UNESCO Cluster Office in Almaty holds a social project planning workshop on "Strengthening the role of youth in building peaceful and inclusive societies" with the participation of young students from Almaty educational institutions, on 7 and 8 June 2018.


The workshop participants will be introduced to the new UNESCO interactive digital project planning tool – ‘Top Tips for Youth Action’.


With global and social transformations, the role of youth in civic activity becomes vital. The process of introducing social and economic needs requires the recognition of a new social consciousness. Modern youth is significantly different from older generation, primarily by the fact that they were formed and brought up in the new state, new politics and social principles. At the same time, young women and men have a major advantage over the rest of the population, which manifests itself in their ability to generate their worldview in a new way, participate in the decision-making process, using a technological and creative approach in solving social problems.


Thus, young people are key agents in achieving sustainable development, building peace and inclusive social development.


As a part of the implementation of the UNESCO Operational Strategy for Youth for 2014-2021, and UN Global Agenda 2030 / Sustainable Development Goals, a discussion meeting with participation of young active students will be held to promote dialogue, mutual understanding and the creation of youth-led projects, aimed at preventing conflicts, ensuring and strengthening peace and inclusiveness in society.


Objectives and Expected Results:


The main objectives of the event are to increase the social activity among young women and men, to support the participation of young people in conflict prevention, reconciliation and peace consolidation, to promote inclusiveness in society, and to engage youth in leading dynamic projects in the field of sustainable development.


It is important to note that the role of youth in building peaceful and inclusive societies will also be prioritized within the framework of UNESCO's flagship programmes on gender equality.


As the result of the discussion workshop the youth-led social project will be developed for its further implementation. The project will be drafted using the new UNESCO interactive digital project planning tool – ‘Top Tips for Youth Action’.


Format of the event:

The format of the event includes an introductory session, a brainstorming session and a project planning session itself.

At the end of the event, young participants will be able to continue the discussion on building partnerships between each other to implement their project.

The seminar is designed for 2 half-day sessions (from morning to lunch).



The maximum number of participants is 50 people.

Active young leaders, students of Almaty colleges and universities will be able to take a part in the workshop.



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